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Application List and Backup helps you save installed applications on your device to restore later (after flashing, installing new ROM) or share with friends.

To save your installed applications you have 2 options:

- Save as XML file in external storage

- Backup apks file and store in external storage

Next, after flashing or installing new ROM, you can restore your favorite apps with 2 options:

1. Install backed up apk files

2. Install "Application List and Backup" then load saved XML file and install applications from the list one by one

You also can share your application list with friends. Application List and Backup supports many formats for sharing:

- Text: Plan Text includes links to applications

- Text File: Application list is stored in .txt file, you can use as a attachable file

- HTML: Application list will be displayed as html style

- HTML File: Application list is stored in .html file

- Apk File: Applications are shared as apk file, receivers can install them directly

Additional, you can Start, Stop, Uninstall applications from "Application List and Backup"

Note: You can search Application List and Backup on Google store by using some relevant search phases: App Manager, apk backup, apk extractor, app saver, app backup and restore, app share...


Application List and Backup 4 MB

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